25 Years Feeding Lives

Mexico, a country that has experienced periods of crisis and development, is stage to sharp contrasts of all kinds, of enormous wealth, of potentialities and social inequality that could be described as outrageous. Suffice it to say, as an example, that almost half of the population lives in food insecurity. Such adversity is not fatal; it can raise bold solidarity responses from the same society, that has reason and ethical justification to generate processes of inclusion and social justice.

To all the participants in this chain of solidarity, we extend our deep gratitude and invitation to continue efforts so that Alimento Para Todos can carry on nourishing lives.

Alimento Para Todos, I.A.P., has been analyzed by AsociaciĆ³n Confio on the degree of compliance regarding Principles of Transparency and Good Practices. The results of the analysis can be consulted at