Our governance, management and operation structure is focused on transparency.

We comply with guiding principles that express our commitment to trustworthiness.


  • Our Board of Trustees is chosen among highly recognized experts in their fields, who monitor the fulfillment of the mission.
  • Our Founders guide the principles and values ​​​​that govern us and ensure compliance with the corporate purpose.
  • Employees are guided by a team of highly trained and committed Leaders.
  • We have a Collegiate Council that makes relevant decisions regarding the groups served, seeking their strengthening and development.
  • Each collaborator must follow a Code of Ethics, which strengthens our culture and nurtures the trust that beneficiaries, donors and allies have in us.


  • We listen carefully to all participants in the institutional value chain. We have physical and virtual mailboxes that allow us to get closer to those who have something to communicate.
  • We meet periodically with a Committee of Beneficiaries that contributes ideas and participates in making strategic decisions.
  • You can visit us at any time to see first-hand what we do. Schedule your appointment at

Technology & documentation

  • We have a computer system that records all movements, databases and processes.
  • We closely monitor the destination of the products we receive and deliver.
  • The operational processes that are fulfilled, are mapped and systematized, providing certainty in the management and delivery of product to the groups we attend.
  • We invest in technology focused on expanding the impact of our programs


  • We are a Private Assistance Institution «I.A.P.» regulated by the Private Assistance Board (JAP) in Mexico City, who supervises our activities, application of budgets and work programs.
  • We comply with all regulations and are aligned to current legislation to regulate our daily activities.
  • We present 100% of reports and declarations of transparency and Money Laundering Prevention to the Tax Administration Service (SAT).
  • We operate in accordance with the provisions of the Official Mexican Standard NOM-014-SSA3-2013, For food social assistance to risk groups

Product Destination

  • All donations are delivered directly to organized groups that serve the population in poverty.
  • We constantly train and supervise the groups we serve and work directly in the field to ensure that each one of the donations entrusted to us is applied correctly and efficiently.
  • We go through a meticulous registration process to start serving groups.


  • We publish our results annually and promote accessibility to institutional information.
  • We have constantly updated information dissemination mechanisms.


  • We are audited by an external office that verifies the correct application of resources.
  • We are certified in Institutionality and Transparency by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI)
  • Our donors apply constant audits regarding the processes that we operate.

If you want to know our financial information, please send an email to:

Alimento Para Todos, I.A.P., has been analyzed by Asociación Confio on the degree of compliance regarding Principles of Transparency and Good Practices. The results of the analysis can be consulted at