About Us

Who we are

Alimento Para Todos I.A.P. is a non-profit logistics operator that has been operating since 1995 under the model of a food and household goods bank.

We are part of the network of Food Banks in Mexico “BAMX”, the largest in the country of its kind to support the efforts of 55 Food Banks in national territory. In addition, we are members of the Global Foodbanking Network “GFN”; International institution that provides financial support and trains Food Banks in the best global practices. We serve as members of the General Assembly of Associates of the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI), an organization that promotes and articulates the philanthropic, committed and socially responsible participation of citizens, social organizations and companies.

Our Goals

End food waste.

Promote a sustainable and equitable food system.

Guarantee the right to proper food..

How do we operate?

We collect food donated by actors who are within the food production and transformation chain: producers, processing plants, retailers, wholesalers, importers and exporters, as well as civil society organizations.

We coordinate the transportation of the collected products, their selection and classification, their storage and, above all, we safeguard their dignity by monitoring the conditions for their conservation and distribution.

We share surplus food and donations with those who need it most, through front-line institutions such as homes, nursing homes, community kitchens and other associations that ensure that they provide food assistance to especially vulnerable groups.

In addition, we collaborate directly with communities, which are groups of vulnerable families and individuals established in the same geographical area.

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Alimento Para Todos, I.A.P., has been analyzed by AsociaciĆ³n Confio on the degree of compliance regarding Principles of Transparency and Good Practices. The results of the analysis can be consulted at confio.org.mx